Reggene R - Travelers is very dishonest

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I tried use Traverlers one time and found to me to not be a good deal. I have call and ask to be taken off they have yet to stop taken money out of my account and it started at $13.99 since then it is that or mostly $24.99 and they take it out more offten at twice a month. I have written my bank who also is *** me off because they seen to not be able to stop this company from stealing from me. I know I am not wells Fargo big money customer but my money is just as important to me, I was with wachovia for over twenty years from first Union to now. traverlers advantage has been stealing from me for over a year. I am going to tried the better business to see if they can stop and return my money I have never use there services.

In the last couple months they have stolen over one hundred dollares from me for what they say would be $13.99 which jump to $24.99 and jump back.

Any one who has had this problem with this company and got it solve and there money return please let me know.


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